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  Wednesday, 2015-09-02, 5:53 PM
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Welcome To LoL Radio
LoL Radio is a radio station dedicated to the league of legends community for entertainment. We have many features on our radio from league of legends content to just pure music that you can listen to. Our genres of music we play is Rock/Heavy Rock and Pop/Top 40. If there are any songs that you want though and a DJ on air then do not wait to send in a request. If you are wondering who owns the radio station then his name is Re Track. He first came up with the idea back in 2013 and opened it once before he was forced to close it. But now it is back a year later as everyone kept asking for the radio station to come back.
That was just a little intro into LoL Radio and we have big things planned for the future of LoL Radio. Maybe even one day partner up with Riot to bring this radio station for the whole league of legends community, but for now just have a look around LoL Radio and we hope to see you keep coming back to the radio. 
Check out the schedule to see when our DJ's are on air, all times are GMT Standard
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Mobile Listening not avilable till our app's get made, keep an eye on the home page for updates!

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Here are common questions that are asked to us all the time:

What should I do if my radio has stopped working? - You should refresh our website, if that doesn't work then try one your own players to listen to LoL Radio.

How do I join Abys Radio if I want to be part of the team? - You should apply by going to our "Join Us" page and then give us 48 hours to reply to your application.

How do I sign up to LoL Radio forum? - You can join the forums by signing up to LoL Radio at the top of the site, to get exclusive access and you can also buy LoL Radio VIP to get even more exclusive access to the website such as interviews, exclusive forum threads and much more!

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